Cape is a restaurant of gastronomic journey in the heart of Patriarshiye with a vibrant menu, a classic wine list, a unique collection of signature cocktails and a diverse background that began on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a project by Anna and Nikita Tataev (Coba, Tkemali, Kadril).

Cape restaurant is part of the BarRestoGroup restaurant group.

Арина Журавлева
  • «Шеф-повар года» по версии «Пальмовой ветви ресторанного бизнеса»
  • «Женщина шеф-повар года» и «Шеф года по версии «Афиша Рестораны» на премии «Завтра’к шефа»
  • В списке самых талантливых и многообещающих представителей креативных индустрий The Blueprint 100 в номинации «Гастрономия»

The idea of Cape was born in Cape Town from amazing combinations of products, unusual presentations, and invigorating lightness of flavours. The eclectic cuisine of South Africa primarily combines the European and Asian traditions of immigrants from various countries: from England, France, and the Netherlands to India and Malaysia. It was this cosmopolitan cuisine that inspired Anna and Nikita to create a restaurant whose menu takes the guest on an exciting journey, and the restaurant’s chef Ilya Pampukha implemented the idea in signature dishes with original presentations and unusual flavours.

The Cape culinary team, led by the chef, underwent a cycle of internships in Cape Town in the kitchens of restaurants of the famous chef and restaurateur Liam Tomlin, founder of the Chefs Warehouse restaurant group, who initially became a consultant for the project.

The constant hits on the menu include tacos in Indian flatbread with halibut and curry mayo, croquettes with oxtails, and halibut under a corn puree crust with homemade tom yum sauce. Even oysters at Cape are served with ras el hanout, jalapeño, ginger-lime caviar, and fresh apple.

Among Ilya’s signature dishes is convincing comfort food. Scallop crudo with truffle, beef tartare on a marrow bone, crispy potatoes with crab, as well as risotto with taleggio and sage, and filet mignon with foie gras and truffle. The main thing that unites all the dishes on the menu is the unusual presentation. Every sauce, every garnish, every important ingredient that reveals a new facet of flavour combinations, is in a separate bowl, plate, or ramekin. «Inventive dishes for casual communication» is how the Cape menu can be briefly described. It’s worth ordering the entire menu for the table, filling the remaining space with glasses, and tasting, tasting, tasting.

The classic wine list at Cape features wines from all the major wine regions, so a guest with any preference can choose a wine to their taste. More than 20 positions from the wine list can be sampled by the glass, thanks to the Coravin system, including almost a dozen wines from South Africa, and even non-alcoholic wines.

Cape’s head bartender presents a collection of travel cocktails. Each one tells the story of a place worth visiting at least once. Twelve signature drinks — a tour through eight countries.

Japan and the demons of Bakaneko tell their story in the rich and vibrant flavours of vanilla, limoncello, and yuzu. South African KFC, where a love confession that resonated around the world inspired the cocktail Wings of Love with gin, Cocchi Americano vermouth, and sagan dalya. Cape guests are even treated to a time travel with «Time Bomb» with muscat pisco, banana, honey, and the freshness of aloe. Vitaly Tsai intrigues with the most unexpected stories, telling about places that random tourists don’t visit.

Пекарней-кондитерской ресторана руководит Антон Негин. Здесь ежедневно выпекают классический и ржано‑пшеничный тартины, бородинский хлеб, идеальные пышные круассаны на сливочном масле, даниши, френч-роллы и авторское печенье, а также готовят невероятные десерты и шоколадные конфеты ручной работы с разнообразными начинками. Настоящие произведения искусства наших пекарей и кондитеров можно не только попробовать в ресторане, но и подарить близким в красивых подарочных коробках, перевязанных фирменной лентой.

The interior, inspired by the vibe of gastronomic improvisations, is described by Israeli designer Alona Eliasi as «Scandi-boho» with a touch of bohemian chic. At the threshold of Cape, the energy of Patriarshiye seems to splash into the lobby of a respectable hotel, where time stands still and geography loses its meaning. The only thing that matters is food that sharpens the senses and satisfies hunger.